Australian Diamonds / January 22, 2018

Vogue.com launches Diamonds With A Story


Celebrity stylist Jeanann Williams said it best when she proclaimed, “Diamonds, of course, are never wrong.” And as guests filled New York City’s Mailroom bar last night for the vibrant launch of Diamonds With a Story Featuring Australian Diamonds, it was clear that all in attendance couldn’t agree more. The event, which featured the unveiling of both a coffee-table book and the diamonds themselves, was nothing short of dazzling.

Jewelry designers Eva Fehren, Ana Khouri, Anita Ko, Alison Lou, Ileana Makri, and Arpana Rayamajhi created the capsule collection as a way to honor the beauty, rarity, and heritage of Australian diamonds. The collection focuses on the ethical and social responsibility of sourcing diamonds. Each diamond is tracked from mine to market to honor its history and authenticity.

Ko noted that her recent trip to Australia made a large impact on the collection. “I really related to the people there,” said Ko. “They are very connected to their country and have a deep appreciation for their land, and I respect and admire that . . .”

Each designer was given the freedom to develop their pieces through their own unique lens. And as Khouri explained, “Every [designer] has a very special inspiration . . . each is very different from the other.”

The coffee-table book, also on display, was created by photography duo Herring & Herring. In addition to interviews with the designers, the book contains portraits of collection pieces being worn by the designers’ muses and brand enthusiasts. These photographs, as well as exclusive video footage, will serve as the foundation for an upcoming social media campaign created by luxury branding consultancy Hello and Thank You! Shot, designed, laid out, retouched, and printed in just two weeks, this commemorative piece serves as a centerpiece for the collaboration.

Guests enjoyed DJ sets by Ruby Aldridge, Alix Brown, and Chloé Caillet while sipping custom cocktails and viewing the exhibition. Among the crowd were Adwoa Aboah (self-described as jewelry-obsessed) and Aurora James—both wearing Eva Fehren pieces from the collection—Gigi Burris, and others.

Under a disco ball and strobe lights, a special performance by Josephine de la Baume–fronted Film Noir wrapped up the evening on a high—the band’s first time performing in the United States.

All pieces from the Diamonds With a Story Featuring Australian Diamonds are now available exclusively on each designer’s respective website.

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