Alison Lou

Alison’s approach to the Alison Lou design aesthetic is based on playfulness, a sense of humor and an appreciation for luxury as her brand expands.

Her introductory collection, Emoticore, remains a thoughtful and cheeky commentary on the expression of feelings from the banal to the intimate through the language of emoticons. Since Alison’s first collection, the line has evolved to include collections based on themes from Casino and Secret Garden to most recently the pasta-inspired Mama Mia, while always remaining playful.

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"I like to bring some fun, whimsy and originality to my work as that is what my customers expect of me."

Alison Chemla

“There’s an energy and a brightness that emanates from Australian Diamonds that brings out my skin tone, just like the sun. ”

Sasha Bikoff

Alison's celebrity customers include Blake Lively, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Amy Adams to name a few.

“I think it’s important to know where everything in our life comes from—food, clothing, and especially diamonds. Diamonds are millions of years old, and I believe they carry the memories of the Earth within them. Australian Diamonds are carefully mined and tracked with great concern for the environment and to me that’s showing respect for these memories. It makes sense that Alison Lou uses diamonds as authentic as her brand. ”

Claire Distenfeld

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