Arpana Rayamajhi

Like her paintings and sculptures, most of Arpana’s jewelry pieces are made in series—each handmade and a one of a kind.

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"It's important to me and my customers to know Australian diamonds are responsibly sourced. I want anyone who wears my jewelry to both look good and feel good."

Arpana Rayamajhi

“Australian Diamonds are natural and authentic—just like Arpana’s jewelry. Her work is so different, and the color of the diamonds really helps it stand out. ”

Bruna Tenorio

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Arpana received her BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art, focusing primarily on Painting and Sculpture. Arpana was named a Change Maker in the NY Times 30 Under 30 list, and was commissioned to create jewelry for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show in Paris where her jewelry was worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima.  She is the co-founder of online photo magazine DISPOSE, and lives and works in New York City.

“There’s a theory about why some objects have auras, and why we’re drawn to them over others. Some say when women create things like pottery, and they’re singing while they work, they transmit vibrations from their hands into that pottery. That’s how I feel about Arpana’s work—it’s vibrating with her personality. Her use of color just feels celebratory, and the natural colors of the Australian Diamonds play right into that. ”

Julia Lourie

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